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Privately owned and operated, Aquila Safaris offers unforgettable travel experiences. With the goals of providing the most satisfactory possible service and giving our clients a chance to fully appreciate Kenya as a tourist destination, each of our personalized safaris is designed from the ground up to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Mohammed Hassan Billow, a professional nature guide with over a decade of experience, is the founder and CEO of the safari company. Professionalism, zeal, and respect are the cornerstones of Aquila Safari’s success, and we show this by giving each of our customers our undivided attention.

Personalized African Safari

Our team of travel and wildlife experts will work closely with you to ensure that your safari is tailored specifically to your needs and preferences.

Our Mission

To offer a one-of-a-kind safari experience to all guests responsibly and forthrightly

Our Vision

Using safaris as a tool to effect positive global change

Mohammed Hassan Billow


He is a professional Gold Level Safari Guide, a professional wildlife photographer, a storyteller.and a member also working diligently with Kenya Professional Safari Guide Association (KPSGA).

He has worked as a professional guide for over 15 years, leading safaris across East Africa. His intimate knowledge of the Kenyan bush and its wildlife has earned him a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced guides in the country.

Mohammed is passionate about conservation and education, and works with KPSGA to promote responsible tourism practices amongst safari guides and tourists alike. He is also an active member of the community, and works to promote cultural understanding and respect for traditional knowledge and way of life. 

Mohammed   Billow

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Positive Impact

Making a positive impact on the community

We work with the local community to help promote the conservation of nature and wildlife.
We engage and teach people how to preserve and protect the natural environment and wildlife through the Lake Naivasha Nature Club
We sponsor community members into safari guide designed to give participants the skills and knowledge they need to succeed as safari guides, and to provide them with an opportunity to generate income that can help improve their lives and the lives of their families.