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Aquila Safaris, since its founding, has grown to become one of the most reputable travel companies in East Africa. Although it is a cliché, our culture strives to surpass expectations, and our dedication to service, along with our expertise and genuine enthusiasm for Africa, guarantees that our guests will have exciting, educational, and stress-free trips. 
Enjoy a wide range of unique, high-quality safari options where you will encounter the Serengeti, the Maasai Mara, the Great Migration or any of our many other iconic experiences.

Wildlife safari experts

We enjoy traveling within Africa and wild adventure in nature. 

Photographic Safaris

Taking wildlife photographs on a safari is one of the most exciting things you can do. It's a significant investment, so we give you the best!

Bird watching Safaris

At Aquila Safaris, we design individualized itineraries that take you to the habitats of region-endemic species.

Private Guiding

With certified nature guides Aquila Safaris focuses on small-group and private guided itineraries led by knowledgeable and experienced experts.


The Great Migration of Wildebeest

The Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra from Tanzania into southern Kenya in the late winter is one of the most exciting natural sights in the world, with vast herds of animals risking their lives by crossing rivers and braving the teeth of some of Africa’s largest crocodiles.

Bird Watching in Kenya

Kenya is a fantastic place to go on a birding safari since it is home to over 1134 bird species. Among the bird species seen on Kenya birding safaris are flamingos, Clarke’s weavers, Grey-crested helmet-shrikes, Hinde’s pied babblers, Yellow-bellied wattle-eyes, and many more.

Wanderlust Photographic Safari

This safari combines the best of Kenya’s wildlife hotspots to ensure you get the best photos depending on your photography needs. Ten days and three destinations for an ultimate photography safari can never get better than this. It is aimed at capturing Big Cats, Rhinos, and African Elephants. The landscape photography aspect also comes in the most amazing style.

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Alexandra Krajewski
Alexandra Krajewski
Unforgettable safari adventure of a lifetime in Kenya! Amboseli, Ol Pejeta, and Samburu were the parks and conservancys I visited. As a solo female traveler, I felt safe and cared for. The guide angled the car to help me get the best photos, had fresh water to keep me hydrated, and stayed within my budget. I learned so much about the country, the culture, and the animals. I would be comfortable and happy to book with Aquila Safaris again.
Nadja Kokel Photography & Art
Nadja Kokel Photography & Art
Hello ! I’d like to thank whole team, for a spectacular time we’ve spent ???????? Every one, from guides to our driver did an amazing job at showing us the most beautiful views we could’ve hope for on our journey ! (TY for the fresh water, much appreciated ????) Anyone who want’s their trip to be fabulous & unforgettable, book this services asap, you won’t regret it ! Huge huge huuuge Thank You, already recommended your services to all my friends ! Nadja Kokel Photography & Art
Riklef Callsen
Riklef Callsen
Update for my second trip in Mai 2023 with Aquila Safaris. It was again a wonderful safari. I had 9 perfect days in Solio and Masai Mara. Thanks a lot Moha! I’ve joined Mohammed and Aquila Safaris for a 11 days Kenia safari in January 2020 and it was amazing. The guides are excellent in every way. Their knowledge about animals, nature and the country was brilliant and they could tell us everything we wanted to know (and more). I got my best pictures because of their photographic tips and skills to spot the animals. Their cars are perfect for safaris, well equipped and in very good shape. For the rest after a long day on gamedrives Aquila Safaris chose very good camps. The tents were clean, very well equipped, the staff was very helpful and the food was great. All in all the safari was superb and perfect. I’m looking forward to meet Mohammed again for my next Safari in Kenia.
Pictures of M.
Pictures of M.
Update #Bigcatshowsafari 2023 we were guests of mohammed and his team. it was the second bigcat show safari for us. Also this time we had great experiences. mohammed and his team have a great deal of knowledge about the animal world. the guys did a perfect job. we're already looking forward to the next tour. Your friend and partner from Germany. Manuel K 2020 Excellent service. Great #Bigcatshowsafari in January 2020. It was an pleasure to met you guys. Perfect game drives, awesome cars, perfect for photographers, Avery good trip. Looking for more events in future!!!
Hans-Werner Jungmann
Hans-Werner Jungmann
Wir hattenn eine traumhafte Safari. Von Anfang an alles toll organisiert, prima Unterkünfte und spannende Gamedrives. Das haben wir vor allem unserem erfahrenen Guide zu verdanken. Mohammed Billow kennt jeden noch so kleinen Pfad in der Masai Mara, hat ein sehr gutes Gespür für die Tiere, ihr Verhalten und ihre besonderen Eigenheiten. Es gibt kein Tier, das er nicht kennt und zu dem er ausführliche Informationen liefern kann. Er ist eben ein "Gold Level Guide" und das macht die Tour mit ihm in besonderer Weise interessant und spannend. Dass er darüber hinaus auch sehr sympathisch und immer gut gelaunt war hat wesentlich zur guten Stimmung während der gesamten Tour beigetragen. Ich werde noch sehr lange an all die spannenden Momente und faszinierenden Eindrücke denken. Danke für Alles Moha.
Vishna Shah
Vishna Shah
Absolutely brilliant. I've had some of my best safaris with Moha Billow. Moha is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about wildlife. He has an incredible eye for spotting animals especially leopards. Definitely highly recommend booking with aquila safaris. I would only use them for any future bookings